Celery Pizza Spinach Bloomington

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At cafe Fusion, we don’t simply make pizza, We make client happy. Cafe Fusion Pizza was indtroduced on the conviction that every pizza should be remarkable, and we grasp that conviction into all we do. We are aware of how to present our pizza comsumers through enthusiasm. We’re always proud to deliver pizza with a smile. From beginning, we constantly strive to craft the excellent pizza in city. Our biggest motivation is the excitement generated by our clients.

It begins with the dough and finishes with your preference. Perfectly crafted, each time! You can choose your crust, sauce, cheese, proteins, and toppings to take pleasure in your custom tailored pizza.

8300 Norman Center Drive
Suite 130, Bloomington, MN 55437
Hotline: 952-378-1424

Monday—Friday: 7:00AM–2:00PM
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